Our Story – Tacotote
Our Story
If a story starts with a taco it will be a good one.

The beginning

In the early 20th century, Dora “Abuelita” raised a family of seven children to love food and communal meals in El Fuerte, Sinaloa. An inspired cook, Dora prepared massive spreads for not only her children, but the whole neighborhood. Laborers came to eat at her table, where she habitually laid out an elaborate salsa bar for her guests and patrons.

With its continued popularity, the children began to dream big, and went into business as a family with the opening of “Las Nubes” restaurant in the 1960s. Together, they developed a culture of diligence and cooperation that sustains the company to this day.

In 1988, one of Dora’s youngest son’s opened the first El Taco Tote restaurant in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Inspired by his childhood memories decided to start a very authentic and new concept of tacos.
El Taco Tote’s popularity grew, taking it into multiple cities in Mexico and the United States. Today, Tacotote consists of over 20 locations in 11 cities, with more to come.


To this day, four generations of Abuelita’s children nurture love of family and food. We share this ritual of eating with others through the authentic tacos and delicious salsas that make Tacotote special in the hearts of our communities.